via Milwaukee Craigslist [$500]


Silvertone 1484Amp and 2 x 12 Cabinet …….500.00 or best offer.

Good condition with some tolex rips, two knobs with cosmetic issues (both function perfectly fine)
Original Silvertone Tubes.
Original Jensen Speakers.

Milwaukee Amp guru John Blick went through it a couple of years ago and put in a modern powercord, OT, and fuse housing.
Head and cabinet have 1/4” female jacks.

This was a great goto amp in the studio. We used the original rig (amp and head) and the head with different cabinets.

Has a classic chimey sound with the bass lowered (I used it for 12string). 
Has an even better overdriven sound when the gain is pushed up (used an SG through it all the time).
Selling it because I rarely use it nowadays.
Another item I hate to see go….

Give me a call or text to set up a time to view.

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